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My research proposal is “Gender discrimination in work place”. I will focus on The Bronx Borough. My interest in this topic is because, although all employment should have the equal opportunity and payment to each gender it does not happen in NYC. Described for The Washington Post “One million discrimination complaints have been filled with the Government since 2010”, Which 23 percent are discrimination because of gender. However, 82 percent of the employees never receive compensation or changes in the work condition.

Pew Research Center, found that 37 percent of women working in a mostly male workplace have been treated “as if they were not competent because of their gender”. Also a third of women who hired in majority-male workplace feel they have received less than a man who was doing the same task.

My question is, why those complaints never receive compensation or improvements? Afterward, The Title VII of the civil right (1964) said no one should be discriminated because of race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Also The Equal Pay Act of 1963 protects men and women from discrimination in the payment of wage based on gender.

At the end of my research I plan to sent a letter to the NY governor Andrew Cuomo just to remain him that  thousands of women whom reported discrimination and never received an excuse or compensation from their abuser, need to be heard.

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  1. Christopher Salgado

    Hey, great topic i believe this is important becuase their is constant discrimnation within these companies and there is also always under employed situations within companies. however this topic will be a great debate some business are big and some are small and that becomes an impact on some employees minimum wage. This topic will be appropriate for the % page report oir profssor wants us to work on i want to see how many of these sites are in the bronx. Couple things i suggest is choose a specific race that you guys are looking into for you can target that more and another issue you can check is why hasnt been no change within these communities, im sure you find more answers within.

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