Study guide: They say, I say

Chapter 8 : Connecting the Parts

This Chapter is focus on how to connect all of your writing’s separate parts. We have four ways to connect the sentences that we write.
Those are :
Use transitions.
Use pointing words.
Repeat key terms and phrases.
Repeat Yourself – But with a difference.
Example :
Many people like winter due to the cold weather. However, I prefer summer because I like hot weather.
Transitions :
Addition: also,and,in fact,moreover,furthermore, in addition.
Elaboration: actually,to put it another way,by extension,to put it bluntly,in other words, to put it succinctly,in short,ultimately.
Example: after all,for instance,as an illustration,specifically,consider,to take a case in point,for example.
Cause and effect: accordingly, so,as a result,then,consequently,therefore,hence,thus.
Contrast: although,nevertheless,but,nonetheless,by contrast,on the contrary, conversely,on the other hand,despite,regardless,even though,whereas,however,while yet,in contrast.
Concession: admittedly,naturally,although it is true,of course,to be sure.
Conclusion: as a result,in sum,consequently,therefore,hence,thus,in conclusion,to sum,up in short,to summarize.