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Abortion means women’s right: Their body, their decision


Have you ever wondered about many women wether they are teens or adults that have died or ended up with some medical problem because of abortion?  there are many cases of it which is due to the fact that in some states abortions are not legal or the thought of having one is what hunts them since you will be judged by others if you have one. This led many women into having abortions but not exactly how it is supposed to. Pro-choice ? or Pro-life? pro-choice is when you believe it’s okay for them to have the ability to choose abortion as an option for an unplanned pregnancy even if you wouldn’t choose abortion for yourself.  People who oppose abortion are known as pro-life since they believe that everyone should have the right to live. Many people will ask what is abortion? Abortion is a medical process done to end a pregnancy, it is also called termination of pregnancy. Why do women decide to have abortions? Either the pregnancy is unplanned or when there is a greater threat to the mother’s life, due to the misuse of birth control, inability to support of care for the child, to prevent a birth of a child with birth defects, pregnancy resulting from a rape or incest. What are the procedures of abortions? There are two ways of determining the pregnancy which is the surgical abortion where they will remove the pregnancy tissue of the woman and the medical abortion which is a procedure where woman take medication pills to kill the fetus. How does abortion affect society? It affects our society by watering down the value of life. Many people will discuss that If we find one way of justifying murder, we can clearly find another. Society will look down on women that have abortions because they are going against God’s creation. The protest of abortions are all over the world wether is it legal or illegal people do it. I will be focusing on New York, Manhattan since it is a city that everybody knows and is talked about the most by the residents or people from different states or around the world. Abortions should be a women’s right/decision.

Abortions should be legal because many people do not want to bring babies into the world knowing that they can’t take care of them economically or they were raped and do not want any connection with the raper, also it could be an unplanned pregnancy. Although abortions means preventing a life to live and everyone should have the right to live not be killed when you cannot even defend yourself. Abortions has to be done as early as possible if that’s what the woman really want to prevent any risk towards the woman. In New York, it is legal to have abortions so many women have traveled to New York to get a legal abortion  since they couldn’t do it in their state.

 In this website you can see some facts about abortions that were done to many people. “State Facts About Abortion: New York.” Guttmacher Institute, 18 Sept. 2019,  “In 2017, 105,380 abortions were provided in New York though not all abortions that occurred in New York were provided to state residents…..Abortions in New York represent 12.2% of all abortions in the United States.” This evidence tells us that many people decide to come to New York to get abortions done because in this state it is legal and we can tell that out of 50 states, New York occupies 12.2% of abortions that were done. At the same time some women were declined to get an abortion due to reproductive age. This can be connected to my map New York, Manhattan because in that city is where most of the clinics and hospitals for abortions are located and could be trusted since it’s a city that is well known by many tourist and residents.

This is another website supporting my research about abortions done in New York. “Addressing New York’s New Abortion Law.”, 23 May 2019, The new law that was passed is known as RHA which permits abortions after 24 weeks if a health care professional determines the health or life of the mother is at risk, or the fetus is not viable”. This is important because it is giving them a chance to get the abortion done  “The old law from New York criminalized abortion unless it was a “justifiable abortion act”  which means that women who wanted to do abortions could not be over 24 weeks pregnant or necessary to “preserve” the mother’s life.” Which this means that you will need to qualify certain requirements before getting an abortion done which the important one is not to be over 24 weeks pregNant. Also the new law RHA wants people to stop seeing abortions as homicides but to be treated as a health care matter because we do not know the reason why they are having an abortion but instead of judging them, we have to support their decision. In the same way people have the right to decide what to do with their bodies and anything, similarly most of the people decide to go to a safe, well known clinics to get any treatment done

 Wilson, Lena. “Planned Parenthood Launches Online Tool as Restrictions Come ‘Fast and Furious’.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 12 Nov. 2019,


This is a picture of a clinic that is known as helping any women with anything they need and providing any type of support. In fact whoever wanted to have an abortion have gone to the website and looked for “abortion near me” and this clinic would show up as a recommendation. This clinic provides any type of services and financial assistance and they will let their patients know if there are any changes due to the laws are passed or will pass later on in the future. Besides this clinic, there are many other clinics located in manhattan than in other boroughs that provide women the option of having an abortion if they want to.  O’Kane, Caitlin. “New York Passes Law Allowing Abortions at Any Time If Mother’s Health Is at Risk.” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 24 May 2019,  

Furthermore, this is a video explaining how New York governor Andrew Cuomo went against the government and passed down the new law to protect women’s rights. This will help me show how New York has been helping women not only from manhattan but all the cities from New York and letting them decide what is best for them without judging them according to their actions and decisions but instead understanding why they are doing that.  


This is the map I will be using to show you all about how manhattan has the most clinics and hospitals were people can head to get abortions or any personal matter done wether you pay with money or it is covered by the insurance you have. This is an important city since most of the people know where it is located and also because there are 5 different hospital/ clinics that you can choose and for many people it is the city that represents New Yorkers and outsiders will decide to go there instead of going to other cities that people barely talk about or has bad reviews. An issue can be money for the ones that have low income since it is Manhattan it could be pricey but that does not mean you cannot afford it because if you do any research on those hospitals/clinics, they have many options on how to do any payment, options that you may not have heard of but it’s all about the information you find if you really want to. Women deciding whether they wanted and could get an abortion done or not go through a lot during that time since most of them don’t have enough sources or knowledge or any type of support with the thought of having an abortion or what people will say about them can be stressful and could end up doing something they were not supposed to which is why letting women decide and giving them the right to do anything with their bodies should be legal no matter what, as long as they are well informed with whatever they do. In addition to my personal life, I have had friends who have gone to manhattan clinics instead of going to the other boroughs because of  they way they are known and the reviews each clinic/ hospital have but not only that, the community plays an important role as well and depending on what has happened in the boroughs is the reason why my friends, just like other people have decided and chosen manhattan as their go to with whatever they needed.

Addressing New York’s New Abortion Law




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Why do students dropout from college?

In New York, many students drop out for a number of reasons. A lot of time it has to do with money, time, or an unexpected emergency where they become unable to keep attending college or not go in the first place. One of the biggest reasons that students dropout of college is because of the lack of funds to keep going. Many students take out school loans, but that isn’t always enough. Between the costs of classes, books, rent, and just trying to survive is not that easy. In manhattan, college is more expensive than in other parts of New York since that is where many tourists go to explore because manhattan is one of the places you should visit since it is known as the city that never sleeps, due to that, to attend one of the colleges from there it could be pricey. According to “” Manhattan college tuition can cost between “$119,733 and $376,338 For a Four Year Degree. Between $59,265 and $181,571 For a Two Year Degree”. This shows how money can be a problem for the people with low economy which can lead students to drop out of college. Many students go into college with their major undeclared, which is completely fine. However, as you get farther along in college, you are going to have to eventually declare a major and just by attending to classes you have already spend some money when you don’t even know if you took the classes you were supposed to.