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Tourism In New York City: A Perfect Place For Sightseeing

Most Popular Tourist Attractions In New York City

Many people assume that New York City is a city where everyone spends days and days working non-stop. This is due to the large number of offices of global companies that are in this city. However, the truth is that New York City is more than just a city where you work 24 hours a day. At first glance it may seem that way, but if you stop to observe the historical places, the large number of museums, beautiful parks and the great diversity of people that you can find in this city, you will find that New York City is the perfect place for any type of tourism. Although sightseeing in New York City can be somewhat overwhelming due to the large number of people who travel its streets day after day, it is worth going out to know all the great places that this city can offer because it holds many historical figures, there are many activities to do, and it is very diverse.

A relevant point when doing tourism in New York City is to know that this is a city with many historical places. A person who is touring in New York can draw on the great history from the streets and buildings of this wonderful city has. Places like The Brooklyn Bridge, what is “the first steel wire suspension bridge; at one point the largest in the world; inspiration for Hart Crane’s poem, The Bridge.”(2), or Central Park, that is”the Green Lung of the city; one of the most visited city parks in the world; designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.”(3) are perfect examples of the places the people who are doing tourism in New York City should visit and learn more about the history of this amazing city.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Last but not least, one of the advantages of sightseeing in New York City is that there are all kinds of activities for all types of people. Even if you are doing tourism alone or with your family, there are activities that suit everyone’s taste. If you are a person who likes to have fun and learn something new every day, you should visit Time Square, which is “a major commercial intersection, tourist destination, entertainment center and neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan section of New York City at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.”(4). On the other hand, If you are a family person, New York offers you a great variety of parks and restaurants where you can spend a good time with your loved ones. In general what this indicates is that New York is the perfect destination for a good holiday, whether you go alone or in the company of your family.

Bearing in mind my previous point, living in a place like New York City can be overwhelming due to the fact that this is a small city where more than 8.6 million people live. For a tourist, this is not a problem because this will just be in this city for a short time, but this can be overwhelming because you will be surrounded by people at all times. According to Joe Guzzardi “ Basic math proves the point. NYC has about 8.6 million residents distributed over 302 square miles which makes it the nation’s most densely populated major city with more than twice the population of the second largest city, Los Angeles. As well, 38 of the nation’s 50 states each have less population than NYC. Since 2010, New York’s population has increased an unsustainable 5.5 percent.” (1). A tourist who decides to go to New York to spend their vacations will have to deal with this many people. However, that should not prevent you from enjoying your trips to one of the main cities in the world. If there was a capital of the melting pot that the USA is considered to be, it would be New York City. By being so populated it also holds place for people from very different backgrounds. Visiting this diverse city can enrich someone with knowledge about many different cultures. 

This is a short guide of the places that everybody should go in New York City.

New York City is undoubtedly a wonderful city. It is rich in history, culture, and activities. This city should be on everyone’s bucket list. Its high population could discourage some people from coming but it should be kept in mind that one could take advantage of this. The Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square are few of the historical spots that could enhance the New York City experience. New York City is a place that must be explored and experienced.

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Research Proposal by Jean Carlos Feliz Green

Last Thursday, I went to my english class and my professor Michael gave me and my partners our last assignment for this course. For this assignment, my research proposal will be “New York Tourism”. I chose this topic due to the fact that I have always liked the tourism, how it works, how you can enjoy it and New York City is an excellent stage to talk about this topic. I have been thinking the whole weekend about this and I decided to talk about the amount and diversity of people who see New York City as a tourist place. It is normal for us to see new york streets like normal places that we visit frequently, but people from other countries see these streets like something new and interesting. I also want to talk about places where you can go if you are doing New York tourism. Having consider that New York City is one of the most popular cities in the world, I would like to talk about some places that every person who visit New York City should go there, including some places that not everyone knows. The last thing that I would like to talk about is how safe is New York City when it comes to sightseeing. I want to show the differences between sightseeing in NYC and sightseeing in other countries. 

 My plan to do this assignment is basically to read some articles about tourism in New York City and go to some places and ask people around why they think those places are interesting. I also plan to take some photos and maybe use some pictures of places where I have already been to use it in my assignment.