Research Proposal by Jean Carlos Feliz Green

Last Thursday, I went to my english class and my professor Michael gave me and my partners our last assignment for this course. For this assignment, my research proposal will be “New York Tourism”. I chose this topic due to the fact that I have always liked the tourism, how it works, how you can enjoy it and New York City is an excellent stage to talk about this topic. I have been thinking the whole weekend about this and I decided to talk about the amount and diversity of people who see New York City as a tourist place. It is normal for us to see new york streets like normal places that we visit frequently, but people from other countries see these streets like something new and interesting. I also want to talk about places where you can go if you are doing New York tourism. Having consider that New York City is one of the most popular cities in the world, I would like to talk about some places that every person who visit New York City should go there, including some places that not everyone knows. The last thing that I would like to talk about is how safe is New York City when it comes to sightseeing. I want to show the differences between sightseeing in NYC and sightseeing in other countries. 

 My plan to do this assignment is basically to read some articles about tourism in New York City and go to some places and ask people around why they think those places are interesting. I also plan to take some photos and maybe use some pictures of places where I have already been to use it in my assignment.  

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  1. Nicole Stacey Burgos Valverde

    I think it’s a very interesting and comprehensive idea. It is always good to be informed about the importance of tourism where we live. I like the idea that you have said about the different points of view about the New York sites. As you said for us, any street or any tourist attraction that we see as simple buildings is normal, but for foreigners it is seen that the idea of ​​being surrounded by skies is fascinating. I think you have good starting points and you know well what you want to talk about and what you have to do to get to provide great information in your article.

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