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Research Proposal

In today’s society, many people are having a crisis as a result of complications in their life, obstacles or mental disorders which can affect a person’s behavior and their way of thinking leading to suicide. I will be mapping murder-suicide attempts along with New York City subways stations for the past 5 years. My motive to illustrate this issue in our society is that the government should be more aware of the insecurity, danger, and exposure of the people on the subway stations since anyone can jump off on the train tracks and pull someone with them or even bring variety of weapons such as pimp bomb furthermore detonated where there’s a large group of people, as a consequence this can lead to traumas along with delays. One possible way that the government could improve people jumping on the tracks is by advertising the risks of standing close to the train tracks before the train came to a complete stop. For my map, I want to print the transit of the subway and select every station when an incident like this happened, therefore, develop forms to approach people to be more mindful also conscious of the consequences from actions like this.