Michael A. Cruz

Professor Michaels

English 110

October 29, 2019

The Cellphone Evolution Revolution

For as long as I can remember, cellphones have always been an aesthetic requirement and a life necessity. Since the time the cellphone first was introduced it has helped us in major ways such as being able to make plans with friends on the go, plan business appointments, call family and broaden our communication horizons. Cellphones have evolved quickly since their first conception and I can only wonder what’s next? We can already do things like Facetime to see and speak to people or Facebook where we can discover new friends and communities while also reconnecting with old friends and family that you probably don’t see as often as you’d like. But will there be a time where we will outgrow the actual device itself? Will Cellphones eventually become the next computer? I propose that we will in fact see these developments and quite possibly even sooner than you might think. We already see the usage of VR in video games like the PlayStation and Oculus so it isn’t too farfetched to think VR might become the next cellphone while Cellphones have evolved to the point where they work just as well as some computer systems. Lindsay Boyajian, CMO of Augment, was quoted saying “In the not so distant future, we won’t have mobile phones. They will be replaced with mixed reality headsets. These headsets will allow us to transition seamlessly from reality to augmented reality to virtual reality depending on our needs and the situation.” I think this is just the start of seeing the next advancements in our technology and only a piece of how the cellphone will eventually no longer need to be a personal carry-on accessory.

2 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. Jedidiah

    I like this topic I see that the article “The next Environmental Revolution” gave your idea a spark. I feel like this topic is important because the cellphone is something majority of people can not live without and to shoot to the next revolution could spark a debate with multiple people. I also feel like it can be a 5 page or maybe more article. I also feel like you need to have a specific location, you should also try to see this from all angles see where the they say for the other people is and turn it into the I say. Good topic.

  2. shabaj hussain

    This topic is important because today in society almost all people use cellphones for everything. Everything in today’s society is done through the cellphone so having a discussion around this topic could be really interesting. This topic could be debatable because many people believe that face to face is more important. This topic is appropriate to finish the five page essay because there are many information about this topic. This topic does not include the location. You should choose the location you’re most familiar with. I would suggest to add the location and maybe see if there’s enough information about futuristic cellphones.

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