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My research essay will focus on mental illness and its effects over the past 10 years. I find this topic interesting and highly important because I have seen people who have struggled with mental disorder such as autism or bipolar. Seeing people with these types of conditions is devastating because they have to live with those conditions and it will be hard for them to interact with other people. I have recognized that people with these conditions are treatable. I can imagine people going through these types of predicaments, which are not easy especially a loved one that suffers through mental illness. Now the question is which kind of therapy works best for mental illness? What will be the after affect of the therapy? Can the intensity of mental illness determine if it can be cured or not and how does it affect our daily lives?  While doing my research I’m trying to figure out whether or not mental illness been rising in recent years. I believe that there are treatments out there that can maintain these illnesses under control. I would like to know what the rate percentage of mental illnesses in the United States. To be more specifically in the Bronx. The reason why I’m fascinated about learning more about mental illness because some parts of my family suffered from depression and myself as well which was hard to deal with overtime during the previous years. In my map, I will like to include what certain parts of New York have the most people with mental illness and finding the best solution for people that have these situations.   

3 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. Christina Ayala

    The topic that you are doing your research on is very important to many people who can relate or is also interested on how to react or respond around people who goes about things differently due to their conditions. Your topic I feel is very debatable because people are going to have their own opinion on this sensitive topic. I feel that this topic’s scope is very appropriate for the 5-page length of the assignment. I feel like it is neither too big nor too small for the 5-page length. It is great that you added a location to your research proposal which was the United States specifically the Bronx. I really admired your proposal and how not only did you asked the important questions you added what you already know even some personal experience to it.

  2. Damian Grant

    This topic is a good topic even though it is debatable and the questions point out real problems in america due to mental illnesses and how difficult it is to cure them. Asking people who are affected by mental illnesses(if they do not mind) what impact does it have on their daily lives will give a much needed viewpoint on how much people suffer from it and what makes it easier for them to deal with it, overall good topic.

  3. Jean Carlos Feliz Green

    I think that the topic that you have chosen is important beacuse mental illness can be related with our environment and the places where we frecuently are. Personally, I would like to see this assignment when it finished because it can give information about the rate percentage of mental illnesses in our society, in this case The Bronx. However, I believe that you topic can be a little small at the time of doing the 5 page length that we have to do for this assignment, but if you make a good research and use some personal experiences, you can get it.

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