research proposal

Ariela Zorrilla

Professor Michael

Psychology 101

October 28, 2019


For my research I chose a topic that most of the time we ignore, as we know New York city is also known because is a big city in which we can find plenty of places that sells “junk food” ( Macdonald’s, Kennedy Fried chicken, ,Popeyes, white Castle, and others) and most people consume it very often, as a result of consuming this “junk food” many people become “Obese” and it is not a secret that obesity have increased within the years, it is not just being affecting to adult people but also to children and young people as well and I think that we should be more concerned about it, who are the most affected by obesity and also, which are the most dangerous illnesses that we can get as a result of having obesity. Where? In New York city, it is noticeable that people in new York city consume a lot of junk food, I have seen parents going to those places with their children and it does not mean that they cannot go there but to have a control of how many times they go to those places and also teach their children to also eat healthy food. When? Now, currently people continue eating junk food and that is the main reason why obesity is affecting to more people. What kind? All kind of obesity. Why? Because we should be more concerned that obesity does not just affect adults but also is affecting children and that can cause problems to our future generations. How? People with obesity can get other illnesses that is why is important to be aware of what we eat and how much “junk food” we consume.

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  1. Lesly Mejia

    I don’t think you made it clear what exactly about obesity in NY is your research going to be about. In my opinion I think your topic is still broad which will end up making it difficult for you to determine what you should include in your research or what articles you should use. You stated that you want to include in your research who are getting affected by obesity and what illnesses can be caused as a result of obesity, these sound to me like some good sub questions, not the overall main topic. In the email the professor sent, she stated that we should question whether your research statement is debatable and in my opinion I don’t think your research statement is debatable, it definitely can be with some work done. Maybe your research statement / topic should be “fast food places in NY is the main reason why the rate of obesity is rapidly increasing” than you can add stuff in your research like why are fast food places the reason ? How can the rates of obesity be lowered? I definitely think the topic of obesity would make a great map, so I wouldn’t change the topic, just make it a little less broad and this will be a great topic. Hope this helped !

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