Research Proposal

Maria Colon

Prof. Michael

English 110

28, October 2019

Research Proposal:

Trying to narrow down a topic for this digital essay proved to be a bit difficult, however after focusing on what is truly overlooked throughout cities, I thought of people. More specifically the individuals who are homeless and most unfortunate. (Where) New York City, for example, is one of the places where homelessness is most prevalent and uncatered to. People of all ages and conditions are constantly trying to get through each day wondering what they’ll eat where they’ll sleep, who might help, and even how to take care of their hygiene given their circumstances. To be in that position is a really scary thing, considering all the hardships one has to face on a daily basis, especially when the seasons change, and you don’t know how you’ll stay warm or how you’ll avoid heat strokes and burns. In regards to the when aspect of this particular issue, this is something that occurs every single day and (why) that most people ignore because it doesn’t affect their realities. (What Kind) The part of homelessness I want to focus on is how (how) easily dismissed these individuals are, (which part) and the assumptions that are associated with them. Essentially there’s a stigma that revolves around the unfortunate, for instance, people tend to think others who are displaced are mentally unstable, drug users, alcoholics, lazy, etc. It’s wrong to perceive these individuals in this light especially if you aren’t aware of their situation and their struggles.

2 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. Maria Urbaez

    It is topic that can be overlook for many people in US, it is really important and debatable for the fact that many people can argue that some of this people are homeless because of laziness, because most of them are not disable and can work. This theme is mappable because you can identify where exactly in new York we can see or are the most homeless people. I think it can be appropriate for the 5 pages length but you will have to look for a lot of information. I suggest you use some association’s website to look for information and locate some of the places where help is given for this people.

  2. fanny jerez

    i believe this is an interesting topic because it is a debatable topic where it will lead many people into different arguments, opinions, facts. it is important to know about the homeless people because not everyone is really interested on it and do not even know what they go through or why they ended in that situation. this is an appropriate scope because it will have enough information for the 5 pages essay as it is required. my suggestion would be to keep up with the good work and be clear on the location you will be doing your investigation on.

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