Research Proposal – Asthma in the South Bronx

The topic I have chosen for my research proposal is “Asthma in the South Bronx.” I will research the asthma percentages among children and adults, who reside in the South Bronx. Data shows that the highest prevalence of asthma among adults in New York is concentrated in the Bronx. My map will show different areas in the Bronx that are affected due to pollution, which is a major contributing factor to the asthma rates. Asthma rate in the South Bronx are particularly higher than in other areas of the Bronx, due to higher levels of pollution. The reason why children and adults in the South Bronx are so affected by higher pollution levels is because the South Bronx is located underneath three major highways, such as the Major Deegan, the Bruckner, and the Cross Bronx Expressways. Most of the population of the South Bronx consists of two major ethnic groups – African Americans/Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos. Many in the South Bronx have been hospitalized due to asthma and most of the hospitalizations consist of those ethnic groups.

Relating to the Nonstop Metropolis map of “Trash in the city,” the author showed and explained thoroughly how much trash was exposed in the city and the different routes used for waste destinations. However, it didn’t really explain any potential negative effects on the people and communities. The “Trash in the City” map motivated me to study the asthma rates caused by pollution in the Bronx, specifically the South Bronx. I think it’s important to be responsible and take time to observe how pollution affects a specific area and how it affects people’s health. It is especially important for me because I am asthmatic and have family members who also have asthma. Additionally, my family and I reside and travel around the Bronx for school and work. I plan to do more research and study more this topic design my map to meet the criteria.


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  1. Alberto N

    Very thoughtful introduction to the underlying topic of asthma in the south bronx particularly the observation of the major express highways that contribute to pollution. However, what are the other causes of pollution in the south bronx? Bet there are more perpetrators in addition to polluted highways that would be worth sharing. Good point in identifying the minority races; Hispanic/ latinos and African Americans as victims to pollution.
    In addition to the ‘Trash in the city’ map, the author tried to show how the stank trash led to air pollution in Staten Island and also how rubble from the 9/11 world trade center turned the Fish kill site into a dumping site causing respiratory infections on workers.

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