Essay Proposal

I will write and map how the five boroughs of New York are racially divided and how they differ from one another. I am going to be talking about different times periods including the present. It is clearly shown how supremacists are always pushing immigrants and low-income families away from attractive and tourist places. It is important to talk and develop this kind of topic in order to understand how New York City is racially divided and why. Also, I will talk about all the ways this is being done, for example, some simple things like raising the rent will eventually force low-income families to move farther and farther.   In fact, supremacists constantly try to keep minorities as minorities. I am looking to highlight the contrast in places like the high and lower Manhattan. Or how racially diverse is The Bronx compared to the lower Manhattan when it comes to people actually living there. Also is important to mention how racially divided is New York City when it comes to social justice. It is not a surprise how the black and Latino community are commonly targetted by authorities. Commonly when there is a problem between a white person and a person of color. Often, people of color are found guilty even without certified reasons. I think it is really significant to talk about this because is New York City is the home for thousands of immigrants and they all deserve to be treated equally in terms of public justices, health, and general well-being