Research Proposal `

i will create a physical map that shows the stream of plastic that passes through NYC. My map will be a alternative of NYC showing the contaminated water passing through different cities. I will research the NYC coast lines to inform about the dangers of plastic. In other words many people don’t care about the plastic epidemic that is damaging our water and body. My map will alert the viewer on the hazardous plastic polluted areas. The problem is many  people of a lack of understanding the topic. Another problem is people low standards for the topic. The last problem is people unwillingness to take action. The objective behind the map is to inform the viewer. The second Objective is to persuade the viewer to take action. The map “Trash in the City” the author made a great map on trash, but not specifically on plastic. The map inspired me to conduct my on research on plastic. The author did good a labeling the trash in the city but didn’t explain the different types of trash being exposed. I believe its important to know the different types of trash and how some have more harm than the others. I plan to observe the different plastic in the water and how it affects our environment. I will conduct a case study, and model the different areas on my map.