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My research proposal is on childhood obesity, according to the OCCD report one in six children suffers from obesity, it can also have an impact on child’s physical and emotional health, children who are overweight have the tendency to remain obese through out their adulthood. Whiles researching I found out that poor diet, lack of physical activity, boredom, stress, marketing and lunch options are all associated with obesity. In the united states and across many various countries children suffers  obesity, using mapping in the islands nations in the pacific, such as Nauru and the cook islands appears to have the highest obesity rates among children ages between 5 to 19 year’s of age, but African countries like Ethiopia and Burkina Faso appears to have the lowest rate of obesity in children. In the united states the percentage of obesity is 18.5 which has affected 13.7 million children and adolescent as well, looking at japan ,Mexico, new Zealand and Hungary they also have the lowest in rate of obesity, but in the united states it has tripled since 1970. What I found out most interesting is that there’s soo many fast food restaurant which is cheaper and the most healthy ones are so expensive that people cant afford. My suggestion is that we should encourage our children to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables whole-grains, drink allots of low-fat milk, eat lean meat, fish and beans to get protein we should also discourage our children in eating sweets. My question is why are healthy foods expensive if they want to reduce obesity. Secondly why do they still allow some ad on tv that are not healthy for children. Thirdly why are there so many fast

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  1. CHARLOTTE Komguem

    As started in your research, I believe the rate of obesity is higher in the United States. In spite of the stress, the mother do not have time to cook healthier food, because the parent need a double income to raise the family. And then the children eat fry and starch food from fast food. Although they lack physical activity by eat while watching TV. Also the peer need to have time for their children by cooking healthier food, to encourage them to the physical activity. That will help them to avoid the overweight.

    1. Zarata.KoumbemOuedraogo

      For starters, I think the obesity speaking subject is a n interesting and even debatable topic because obesity can affect nervously on child growth.Of course, on their body, heart and lungs.this topic is really interesting because she talks about the high rate in U.S. Because in this country the foods in are too fat and sweet then its could increase their risk of obesity .It is also interesting because in poor countries , they do not have enough nutritious food that can lead the kids to obesity.
      I suggest you to focus more on the consequences of malnutrition to chronic diseases in poor countries.

  2. Oumdath Gbadamassi

    This topic is debatable because some people might go against the fact that eating fast food lead to obesity or overweight while some people might agree on the fact that unhealthy food affect people’s health physically and mentally. This is a really interesting topic to write about because the rate of obesity is getting wider in the U.S. due to lack of time parents have to cook for their kids or control what they kids intake into they body.
    I suggest you narrow your focus down because U.S. is really broad.

  3. Keury Galan

    I love the way you highlighted the contrast between the prices of healthy and unhealthy food. It is really common today to see how for junk food there are lots of offers and deals but there is none for healthy products. I think is really important to talk about this because this plays a major role not only in child obesity but adults obesity as well. Just remember to be a little bit more specific when it comes to the location since the United States is too broad. Maybe try to see the numbers of child obesity in a city like New York.

  4. Georgia Graham

    “Childhood Obesity” i found your topic to be very interesting and it raises many question as to what parents, government, and other organization are doing in order to help in reducing obesity in children. Childhood obesity is infact a major concern throughout the united states. When people hear about the word obesity often time they tend to think that it’s always about what you eat that leads to obesity so it was really important that you mentioned that not only does fast food and so forth increase the rate of childhood obesity but “boredom, stress and lack of physical activities can also increase the risk of childhood obesity. So overall you proposal research was a good scope. However the fact that United State is very vast be sure to be more specific about your location.

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