Amy Rivera- Research Proposal

The topic I chose to research about for my essay is the Battle of Thermopylae. This topic interest me because one of the leaders, Xerxes, in this battle is mention in the Bible, book of Esther. Xerxes was the leader of the Persian and Leonidas was the leader of the Spatians. They were both at war with eachother in the year 480 B.C., which the victor being Xerxes. Going back to why this topic interest me was due to the 300 movie. In this movie they didn’t do well in pertaining the history of this war as well as it should had. The purpose of this research paper is to find out what was the Battle of Thermopylae. Some sub questions I have that relate to that is why did it happen and the outcome of it. In this essay I will have to focus on the battle happened in Greece and Persia in the year of 480 B.C. and it being a war. Also I would have to focus on the outcomes of the war on both sides. I’m writing about this topic because knowing our world history is very important. It can help us learn not to do the same mistakes over again if only we listen, learn, and understand what is going on in topic of history we are studying. The map I’m going to use for this research paper is a map of the battle of Thermopylae. The map shows what route the Persian army took to get to Thermopylae/ Greece.

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  1. Byron Madera

    To the normal everyday person this wouldn’t be as important. However, to someone who has power like politicians, war generals and strategists this information could be very useful, and very interesting to some people who enjoy history. I’m not sure how this can be debated for you current question “What was the battle of Thermopylae”. However you can change the question as to why the battle of Thermopylae was important and describe what triggers caused the battle, what side lost/won, and what was the overall lesson after the battle ended. With the amount of information you can find, you can write up to 5 pages.

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