Research Proposal

My Research Topic would be about Currency Trading. Currency Trading is making a rise, with numerous people whether they are a student or people with a degree. Anyone and almost everyone is using this make to make money.  But I feel like it is a pyramid scheme as in they use your money to fuel the market but you see any profit in going it. The main reasons why I chose this topic is to answer so skeptics I have about this and to see if it actually works or if it really is just a scheme. So the main questions I would be asking is, how the currency market work? Do you really earn your money back in reasonable amount of time? I know you would not receive your money back in a few days I was just wondering when will you get it back. Also I feel like this could lead to people finding ways to make money so that they are less homeless people on the streets. This could improve a lot of communities but it could also destroy the economy if more people begin to trade that could lead to the dollar being worthless. Thus putting numerous countries into a deeper debt. So That would be a question do research as well. I would focus on the is the cause and who it would affect everyone as well as the economy. In all my Essay would summarize the Currency Market and who it affects the economy and people’s lives.